The Turn4Service concept

From our own experience we know that it’s not always easy for your staff to see when guests want to order or want the bill. During one of these times we had to wait for the waiter, we came up with a simple but effective solution. We call it ‘Turn4Service’.

Your customers can turn the IXI-light around when they want to order or want the bill. Your staff will see the light’s red color and can respond immediately.

IXI is a signaling light, but it is also more than that. It has a beautiful design and provides ambient lighting. It is a communication tool for restaurant owners and advertisers. In addition, it is a management tool for the catering industry.

Simple and efficient, without cords or expensive connections with your cashier system. Simply beautiful mood lighting with a function.


If you have any questions or remarks about Turn4Service, or if you want more information, please contact us:
  +31 6 46 45 54 64


The inconvenience of candles/oil lamps

Don’t spoil the moment; turn for service!

More advantages

  • Weatherproof (IP65, International Protection Rating).
  • Works on durable battery
  • Wireless charging, charching time 8 hours
  • Available in three versions; white, flame and yellow
  • Entirely programmable to fit your needs; alarm, light intensity, signal operation and acceptable waiting time.

Optimize your hospitality

The Turn4Service signal light is your new tool to optimize your hospitality. The stylish lamp gives a warm and cozy light, and creates a relaxing atmosphere for your guests. Do they want to order something? They can clarify this just in order to rotate the lamp. By rotating your light turns red so the restaurant staff can see immediately that service is wished. Your guest doesn’t necessarily pay attention to the operating staff and experience optimum hospitality.

Cheaper than candlelight

Traditional table lighting such as candles and oil lamps costs a minimum of € 5,50 per table per month, the price goes even up to € 15,-. The Turn4Service signal light is as even as attractive and costs you a lot less.

Earn extra money through advertisement

The Turn4Service light offers exclusive advertising space. Promote your own products and also earn extra money by selling your advertising space to others, for example your wine supplier. Experience shows: Turn4Service yields more than it costs!

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